Alaskan Kelp for your health
and the health of the ocean






   We are a family owned ocean farm in

Prince William Sound, Alaska

How We Grow Kelp

Going to the Sorus


In early fall, we gather wild kelp sorus, or sori in plural. We collect a minimum of 50 individual kelp specimens to protect biodiversity. The samples are carefully packaged and sent to a mariculture hatchery.


The hatchery induces the sori to release kelp spores and introduces spools of seed twine for the young kelp to attach to.


After six weeks, the spools are shipped back to us, starting a 24 hour countdown to get the seed twine deployed on our catenary array. 

The Catenary Array


In order to tension our grow lines like harpstrings floating below the surface, a catenary array is constructed of marine grade lines and stainless steel hardware.


Four large anchors and several smaller anchors keep our ocean farm array under proper tension and securely in place.


Wherever possible we reuse materials from our local commercial fishing industry.

We gratefully accept and reuse ground line and buoys in Cordova, Alaska!

Kelp grows slowly over the winter...


As Spring arrives our kelp grows rapidly, at times growing multiple inches in a day.


Our sugar kelp absorbs nitrogen and many other nutrients from the pristine

waters of Prince Willam Sound, Alaska.


At the same time removing carbon from the surrounding waters, decreasing harmful

ocean acidification.


 Our kelp is harvested at the end of

April and early May.

Pre-Order Kelp


Our 2024 Kelp crop is in the water!

  We plant in October and harvest in the first week of May. You can help us plan our harvest by pre-ordering today!

 We can ship fresh or frozen kelp from one pound portions all the way up to 50 pound plastic lined boxes.


Let us know what you need:

Naturally Alaskan


Our sugar kelp is grown from seed stocks collected less than one mile from our farm site. This ensures that biodiversity is preserved, and no invasive species are introduced in our mariculture efforts.

Health Benefits


Kelp is full of vitamins and nutrients including calcium, iodine, iron, magnesium, potassium, amino acids, and dietary fiber. Adding kelp to your diet can have positive health benefits.

Regenerative Kelp


Kelp farms soak up carbon, reducing ocean acidification in their local area. This creates a haven for many other species. Studies have shown kelp removes 250 pounds of carbon per of ton kelp.

Contact Information

P.O Box 1261
Cordova, AK 99574

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